All Inductees in attendance.

L to R Mike Bakaysa, Frank Zdunczyk and Byron Treado.


Plainville Sports Hall of Fame coach Bob Freimuth still coaching Hall of Fame inductee Vic Paradis.

Teammates and HOF members Greg Henry and Mike Debboli embrace during Mike’s induction presentation.

L to R Greg Ziogas, Steve Compson and PHS Principal Steve Lepage.

L to R Rich Berardy, John Mangan, Jim Ross and Jim Salomone share a laugh.

L to R Honey and Micki Mastrianni chat with John Mangan.

L to R Jeff Sorel and Jim Salomone.

Jen Gombatz introduces Founders Award winner Katie Treado.

Jim Salomone and Gerry Salomone.

HOF inductee Jim Salomone speaks to the audience.

L to R John Mangan, Byron Treado, Jim Ross and Inductee Jim Salomone.

HOF inductee Mike Debboli address the crowd.

L to R Mike Debboli, Mike D’Angelo and Darren Carrillo.


Proud brother Paul Paradis congratulates his brother HOF inductee Vic Paradis.

HOF member Rusty Camp introduces DSA Honoree Mike Lantiere.


HOF inductee Vic Paradis address the crowd.

Plainville Sports Hall of Fame Inductee Brian Edge accepts his award from Keith DAmato.

Mom embraces her Hall of Fame Daughter Sara Doncet.

HOF inductee Vic Paradis

HOF Inductee Brian Edge with his award

HOF inductee Sara Doncet

HOF inductee Mike Debboli

Distinguished Service Honoree Mike Lantiere

Katie Treado, inaugural winner of the Founders Award