L to R Three of Plainville’s football greats, Steve Vargo, John Gacek and Jim Perilli

2008 Inductees 
Left to Right: Greg Henry, Kevin Beaudoin, Amy Van Zandt, Jim Tufts, 
Lou Mandeville, Peter Van Zandt, Matt Buckler

Art Canzonetti kisses Chuck Zettergren’s head for luck

State Representative Betty Boukus took her turn sharing Matt Buckler stories before presenting Matt with proclamations from the 
State of Connecticut and Governor Rell at the 2008 Inductions.

L to R Bob O’Dea, Walt Majsak and Greg Ziogas discuss the inductees

Bruce Edge and Greg Ziogas and their wives enjoy some conversation

Byron Treado displays inductee Greg Henry’s plaque while Greg laughs about his hair

L to R Carol Bartley, Red Dalena and George Bartley

2008 Inductee Greg Henry thanks his most influential coach, his dad as he accepts his induction. 

Inductee Greg Henry and his Hall of Fame family

2008 Inductee Lou Mandeville and his Hall of Fame wife Lisa Mandeville enjoy some time with members of the PHS State Championship team that both Lisa and Lou coached.

2008 Distinguished Service honoree Matt Buckler brought his own PHS cheering section, L to R: Gary Heslin, Dave Hansen, Jim Connelly, Mike Hansen, Ray Heslin, Bob Heslin, John Longo and the star of the show, 
Matt Buckler. 

Greg Ziogas, Connie Ziogas and Randy Doucette share a moment before the 2008 Inductions during the social hour reception at Nuchies.

Plainville Sports Hall of Fame Chairman Byron Treado addresses the crowd

Jim Tufts addresses the crowd

Hall of Fame member Lisa Mandeville presents her husband 
Lou Mandeville as a 2008 Hall of Fame inductee.

Peter Van Zandt recognizes his family during his acceptance speech

Randy Doucette fondly speaks of inductees Peter Van Zandt and his sister Amy Van Zandt

L to R Ray Heslin, Jim Ross and Bob O’Dea catch up

L to R: Roger Toffolon, Dr. Rusty Camp and John Toffolon Jr. renew some old memories at the 2008 Induction dinner.

L to R: Roger Toffolon, Matt Buckler and John Toffolon, Jr share a moment after the presentation to Matt as the John Toffolon Sr. Distinguished Service Award Honoree.

Hall of Fame member and former PHS coach Ron Jones still knows how to deliver an engaging speech at the 2008 Inductions where he presented Kevin Beaudoin.

Lou Mandeville

Kevin Beaudoin

Amy Van Zandt